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How To Kill A Rockstar
Words and Music: Zim Zum

I've got 300 channels of hi fi sex and violence
I'm addicted to the scandal, give me the rich and famous
I can see your Jesus syndrome and how you love to kill the ones you worship
I can only ever really love the TV, it's the only one that really knows me

Strap yourself in now baby, cause this rides far from over
I say fuck your tired bullshit and fuck your new world order
It's all so fucking faceless, it's all just fucking tasteless,
It's all so fucking manic, it's all just fucking static

It's all just fucking static, static

The world is filled with clowns who want to rule Jonestown
and I feel I must confess I've really grown to like the mess

When I'm out of my mind and I want it to end
I still know I'll get by with a little help from my friends

While staring at the picture tube I catch a glimpse of my reflection
blending with the images and I'm face to face with something I cant stand
People think I'm crazy but they just dont understand you see
my life is what I've made it and I'd like to think that I take it like a man

are you, are you, are you what you seem?
are you, are you, are you everything?

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