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If you know or have any new information about any of Zim's projects...
Solo work, Pleistoscene, or The Pop Culture Suicides, etc...

Please read below CAREFULLY!!!

*All* news, interviews, reviews, mentions, photographs (taken by you) and meet'n'greet stories, suggestions, comments, links etc. re: Zim Zum/Pleistoscene/The Pop Culture Suicides (etc.) are welcome...please try not to send outrageous gossip.

As far as graphics & audio go...The size of the *graphic* file does not matter, but I do PREFER jpg submissions. I accept wav, Real Audio and MP3's. Please make sure that they are of the best quality available(ie. Graphics scanned as clearly as possible and
MP3s in 128kbps, 44khz stereo sound).

ALWAYS include the sourse of where you got your Info: the name of the publication(book, newspaper, magazine, zine, etc.) or boardcast(TV, Radio, Website)...if there is a URL for the publication/boardcast please submit it as well.
Also please state the country in which your information's sourse is published/broadcasted)!!

Credits and Speical Thanks
Always include your name and active email address if you want to be credited.
Thanks for your time and effort,

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