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The Zim Zum Biography: Zim Zum Self Descriptions

I am
a musician
a songwriter
a vegetarian
a sci fi and horror movie fanatic
I love drive in's (movies)
I love rock operas
I love vinyl (albums, though I like vinyl clothes too)
All of the animals that I have shared my home with have been rescued or adopted.
I've made guitars and also worked on guitars for Robert Plant, Steve Stevens, Ted Nugent, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Nuno Bettencourt and "Dimebag" Darrell (I made the template for Dimes very first signature guitar - which was easy since I simply traced his Dean - fast forward 10 years from that and we were sharing guitars (live) on stage in front of 40K - life IS crazy)

Prior to my first show with MM (opening for NIN at "Nothing Night") I had only played live once, when I was 17....

I have since performed for audiences on every corner of the planet including;

all 50 U.S States,














New Zealand

and Mexico

which included shows at;

The Reading Festival,

Bizarre Festival,

Giant Stadium,

The Metrodome,

Mile High Stadium,

World Music Theater,

Blockbuster Pavillion,

the Dynamo and Pukkelpop Festivals,

between Pantera and Black Sabbath (!) on 1997's OZZFEST

and in front of a television audience of more than 3 million people on MTV's Music Video Awards as well as the BBC's legendary "Top of the Pops".

- Every Major Label release Zim Zum has written and/or recorded on has gone Platinum.

- As a solo musician Zim Zum was featured in Bizarre magazines "Bizarre Lives" alongside some of the most iconic artists, politicians and musicians of the 21st Century; "His birth name is no longer relevant. He has become known by the intriguing moniker of Zim Zum, avant-garde anarchist and executant of sounds to chill and thrill" - Bizarre Magazine's Bizarre Lives feature

- Guitar One magazine featured Zim Zum as one of the most influential guitar players of the last 4 decades; "Zim Zum turned menacing gobs of guitar into industrial rock hits" -Guitar One.

Zim has numerous long running music projects including;
The Pop Culture Suicides
and his self titled music...

ZZ, 2010

I am a guitarist/song writer who has stayed true to himself.
I make no apologies for my not being what others want me to be.
I am honest in and with my music and that dictates what I will or will not do.
Make no mistake, I play and I write for me.
I have stuck to the way I always felt was right and that was/is to simply pass my music around to some friends, keeping it personal yet annonymous, treating it like a mix tape or something I wrote on a bathroom wall, acting local, thinking global.
I simply put it out there. I put myself out there.
If you know me, you would know I am not any one thing I have done or anything I have not done.
I am all of it and everything I still want to accomplish.

ZZ, 2009

I am a musician, a writer a non gender specific crossbreed.
I am a designer for the self exiled
and the fashionista for the misunderstood.
Pitch black mass opiate for those who hate the new cracked actors.
I am a d3ath d3aler and 3volutionist.
I am an obsessive compulsive anarchist
hell bent on the camplete destruction of pop culture as we know it.
I explore sounds
but I know they explore me more than I could ever have the time to understand.
I embrace the alien because the alien is what I am.
I am a d1sfunct1onal participant
in the cause and effect that is life's ultimate demise.
Love and hate I am nothing.
I push the red buttons,
take the black pills
and climb the white ladder.
I monitor, analyze and mainline
in an effort to better understand what I never wanted to know.
I self medicate because I cant appreciate what I find.
I am Pretty Ugly.
I am The Sufferhead.
Till the day i die I will scream
from the soapbox of The Disillusioned Revolution.

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

Love and No Apologies.
Zim Zum


Where do I begin?
I'm a music loving self taught musician and a songwriter.
I lean towards optimism, saying what I feel, feeling what I think, taking as much life in as possible, sometimes all at once, sometimes more than I should.
I find interestingly beautiful details in the seemingly mundane.
I'm my own man, though I never had a blueprint or tour guide, I never felt I needed one....
I dig cats, always have.
I'm a 14 year vegetarian.
I cut my own hair.
I'm mesmerized by design.
I'm a leader not a follower.
I have an undieing affection for eyeliner.
I prefer Red over Blue, up over down, right over left, in over out, a nice pair of mod shoes with a classic 4 button suit, but I work well in jeans and a t-shirt..... I could go on but I think I'll leave it at that for today.

ZZ, 2003

Who am I?

Music (as a way of being inside everyone's minds).

Art (as an alternative reality).

Exploring the ideas and concepts behind Multiple Personality Disorder (and in turn becoming someone else, someone better).

Balancing self-destructive behavior with health consciousness (controlling my body).

Reading (everything I can get my hands on, but usually internet literature on right wing idealism).

Mastering the digits that control the world.

Applying Feng Shui on a global proportion.

Figuring out how many commercials each day actually contain subliminal messages.

Mastering plans on infiltrating the industry of music from every angle.

As everyone is, I am a continuous work in progress, more to come."

Zim Zum, 1999

I have reflected on all of the things that have happened to make me what I am as of today and all of the things I am morphing into...

I am not what I once was seen as,
I am more.
I am my own creation,
my own God,
my own demon,
my own technology,
my own song.
This is MY Century,
this is my TIME.
I am no longer settling,
but embracing the UN-settling.
I have shed all that once was for what truly is.

The coming weeks will be the basis for all that I have spent my life creating.
In the following weeks you will be given a "new" place to gather, new things to listen to and new ideas to manipulate.I will show you myself from the inside. I will show you what it is like to live and to die. I will introduce you to those that have contributed to my creations and expose them to a new reality. What I am trancends what you will see and hear, but it's the one part of me that I can offer in this medium.
Welcome to MY 21st century. Here we "ALL" will live and die. It is no-longer YOUR choice.

ZZ, 1999

Source: Zim Zum




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